24th Kinoarte Film Festival

Leste is responsible for producing the entire 24th Kinoarte Film Festival, in addition to developing its visual identity.

The main goal of this project was to express the value that the Kinoarte Film Festival places on artistic freedom and pushing the boundaries of language, whether it be in cinema, performance, or design. The visual identity draws inspiration from an exclusive performance by Chico Santos, aiming to utilize this artistic research to generate a visual expression. The posters also have the responsibility of conveying the type of programming that the Kinoarte Festival encompasses, expanding worldviews through artistic freedom, valuing regional and Brazilian artists, celebrating productions, and fostering new talent.

In this work, we drew from the research of an artist who provokes Imaginary Myths within the population. Going to neighborhoods and asking about a myth he invented himself, the artist asks residents if they are familiar with this supposedly unique myth, and people indicate that they remember it and end up co-creating the story, embracing the proposed imaginary. The idea of this work was to point to a fantastic universe, born out of the creation of new myths. The project was developed based on an exclusive performance by "The Guardian," a character created by Chico Santos, and objects in the Mata do Godoy, a nature reserve in Londrina. "The Guardian," who has already been the protagonist of books, exhibitions, and video performances, represents the protection of the forest and people, the observation of the environment, and the concept of seeking the essence of the region's nature, merging it with the invisible realm of the spirit and transforming it into something visible. This work demonstrates how visual arts can enter the context of the process of visual identity design.

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