AWARDS: Bronze Medal at the Brazil Design Awards 2022 in the Social Impact category.

We had the pleasure of designing the new visual identity for AFOJO from start to finish, as well as implementing it across various materials, representing the landscapes, organic products, and the immense dedication of these families in cultivation.

The Association of Rural Producers and Artisans of the Fojo Watershed is a community formed by families in Guapimirim, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, who have been living in the area for many years, including both landowners and lessees. They have a significant history in food cultivation.

These pieces were developed within the framework of SiAMA (Agroforestry Systems in the Atlantic Forest), a project coordinated by Agroicone, with the aim of strengthening the brand of cooperatives and associations related to agroforestry, supporting their income generation and market expansion.

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