Cooperast, the Territorial Development Cooperative, is an active institution since 2005 in the South Coast Territory, with a positivist approach to sustainability and a focus on technical assistance. To date, Cooperast has already served over 2,800 families and rural producers, promoting income generation, food sovereignty, and environmental conservation for the benefit of the population in this territory, particularly for family units based on Family Farming.

We have created a new visual identity for Cooperast, including a new logo, illustrations of their management items, packaging, visual communications, and institutional materials. All these creations contribute to Cooperast offering even more trust and building relationships in their essential activities.

These materials were developed within the framework of SiAMA (Agroforestry Systems in the Atlantic Forest), a project that aims to promote agroforestry systems in the Atlantic Forest as a regional development strategy to contribute to climate change mitigation and poverty alleviation. The development of these marketing materials aims to strengthen the brand of cooperatives and associations related to agroforestry, supporting their income generation and market expansion.

Creative Direction and Design: Felipe Augusto
Planning and Production: Gabriela Laguna, Marina Bigardi, and Nabila Haddad
Illustration: Liniker Eduardo
Design: Liniker Eduardo and Natasha Gompers
Logo: Flora de Carvalho

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