From the Quilombo to the Forest

We developed the book "From the Quilombo to the Forest - A Guide of Plants from the Atlantic Forest in Vale do Ribeira" for the Ribeira Valley Seed Collective. This group is composed of members from quilombola communities in the region who collect seeds in a traditional manner for commercialization, with the goal of restoring the Atlantic Forest. In addition to being a plant identification guide, the book also records traditional knowledge about the forest, supporting the work of the collectors and devising strategies for defending the biome. Throughout the development process, we prioritized representing the people involved, their trades, and the environment in which they are embedded. The project involved ethnographic research, with visits to the communities and group discussions in focus groups. Additionally, there was graphic research on elements of daily life to achieve an authentic representation of the local culture. Internally, the project contributed to reclaiming cultural identity and association, especially among the younger generation. Externally, the visual identity gained relevance, representing the brand in seed commercialization negotiations, facilitating dialogue with companies, partners, and sponsors. Furthermore, the project aided in recognizing the work and expanding actions for restoring the Atlantic Forest.

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