The Castle

"There is hope, infinite hope, but not for us".
fic, color, 15 min, HD (2D & 3D), 2013
CPB 13019352

Best Film in the Paranaense Competitive of the 2nd Olhar de Cinema - Curitiba International Festival (June, 2013)
Best Short Film Production at the 19th Cuiabá Film and Video Festival (February, 2014)

Direction, Script and Editing: Rodrigo Grota
Director of Photography: Guilherme Gerais
Art Direction: Felipe Augusto
Soundtrack: Otávio Santos
Additional Music: Rodrigo Guedes
Direct Sound and Sound Editing: Bruno Bergamo
Production: Argel Medeiros, Bruno Gehring
Costumes: Nélio Pinheiro
Makeup: Luciana Barboza
Production: Leste
Co-production: Kinoarte
Director: RPC TV
Cast: Guilherme Kirchheim, Mayara Dionisio, Adriano Gouvella, Ana Luisa Preto, Adalberto Severiano and Isabelle Pereira.

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