Sicredi - Girl Stuff (Coisa de Menina)

Sicredi is a financial institution that believes that cooperativism takes us further. This agenda is reinforced by several others that focus and expand our mission, such as the "União Faz a Vida" project, Women Committee, Youth Committee and several other initiatives that promote the development of the communities around them, with special attention to financial education for children and the mission to bring diversity to the fore. Following this premise, the DBPV agency created the campaign Girl Stuff (Coisa de Menina) and invited us to illustrate this beautiful animation. It tells the story of the character Dina, who uses her imagination as a child and takes her dream to college, facing the adversities that women found in the job market and especially in the area of ​​innovation. Dina proves that it is possible to do it. This is just the beginning of Sicredi's positioning in the region, focused on bringing diversity to the brand's actions.

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