Toda Materia

Art Director: Felipe Augusto
Design: Felipe Augusto and Maria Laura Farinha
Illustration: Gabriel Santin
Logo Design: Gustavo André
Planning and Production: Marina Bigardi

Leste developed the brand redesign for Toda Matéria - a website for school content queries, aimed at students and teachers. Toda Matéria's mission is to improve people's lives through the production and distribution of high-quality content, written by professionals in the field, free of charge. We developed a visual identity that represents the brand's DNA with a youthful and modern appeal. Our goal was to create a visual identity that would playfully connect with the young audience without being overly childish, while conveying seriousness, independence, and credibility in our work. Our approach was to create a contemporary and unique visual system, avoiding fleeting trends but maintaining a distinctive personality. By combining illustrations, cutouts, and interplay of colors and textures, we crafted distinctive graphic compositions and editorial designs that define Toda Matéria's visual identity. The achieved result was an expressive visual identity, striking a balance between a playful approach and the seriousness that the topic of education demands. Today, the brand is perceived as stimulating, independent, and reliable. This visual identity also opens up possibilies for a variety of applications and compositions, catering to a potential brand service expansion.

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