Trophy | Kinoarte Film Festival

In 2022, Leste recreated the official trophy for the Kinoarte Film Festival. The trophy aims to engage in dialogue with the Kinoarte audience, expressing the reception of cinema towards contemporary art. Made by Chico Santos, contemporary artist frm Londrina, the interior of the trophy is composed of a core made from wood sourced from 40 native trees, retrieved from a flooded area, from a forest that no longer exists. These trees are a living testament to a lost forest, and through the use of resin, we preserve their essence, eternalizing their existence. Inside, there are also weeds, representing forgotten and undervalued life. They are the first essential element in building a forest. These avant-garde plants are often trivialized. The trophy is a tribute to this fundamental essence for nature preservation. It is an artistic expression that carries the memory of lost forests, the struggle for environmental preservation, and the connection between contemporary art and the cinema audience. It is an invitation to reflect on our relationship with nature and the intrinsic value of seemingly simple things.

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